About Allison Cake


‘Self-Portrait’ Allison Cake Fall 2014 15″ x 20″, acrylic on canvas


Allison Cake

Designer, artist and writer


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Toronto, Ontario, Canada




I am a professional artist and designer. I have been an exhibiting visual artist since 2003. My practice has gone through a lot of changes over my career and tends to be varied and broad ranging. My work can take many forms: kinetic, site-specific installation, to drawings and photographs all the way to live and intimate performances to name a few. Currently I am transitioning from long term travel to life back in Canada.”

Transitions in general tends to a major trend in my artistic life also. Here is a brief history of my artistic life so far:

  • Fall 2003 to Spring 2007: I worked in varying media from: lithography, black and white photography, all the way to large-scale mixed media drawing, to sculpture and performance. This phase was quite experimental in both style and method. Only a few works from this period are shown here: ‘Light‘ and ‘Suitcase Table
  • From 2007 until 2010: I focused on visual ideas surrounding the linguistic construct of the word ‘(at)home’. My work at this time was a heavily process-based studio practise where I made installations and kinetic work. I also completed several short and experimental performances at this time also. Furthermore, the work about the word, ‘home’ culminated into two MFA thesis exhibitions represented for the first time on this site in ‘Touch Down: Wade Through (2008-2009)‘. You can also view the show catalogue here.
  • From 2010 to winter 2015: I took a different approach during this time coming from a uniquely non-studio based practice. My work during this time took the form of photographs, drawings and digital images. This was a necessary departure from a studio-based process. As recently, my has been nomadic, where I have been working and travelling around the globe and a physical studio was a necessary sacrifice for this kind of life. ‘Tofino Trip‘ and ‘Moment of Seoul‘ are examples of some of my photographic work and ‘VIA Passenger Sketch‘ is an example of early digital vector drawings made during this time period.
  • Spring 2013 to present: Currently, as best seen in ‘PLW Series‘, my work is heading in a design focused direction as I pursue a career in graphic design basing myself out of Toronto, Ontario.

Lastly, I just want to say how thrilled I am to finally have enough perspective to be able to fully roll out some of the major works I have completed both publicly and privately over the last 12 years. I have never attempted this online before as there never seemed to be enough time to do so. Yet now, I am excited to finally be able to release many of these works for the first time to you online. Thank you for reading, viewing and commenting your support is always appreciated.


– Allison Cake, Summer 2015.